SICU is now Free to download and distribute

Education is a basic human right, we need it to improve our lives, we need it to innovate and build our communities. To reach more people around the world, we strongly believe in the openness of education. Since 2016, we have been on a mission of creating a virtual science laboratory that could allow learners and teachers to perform science experiments without the need for expensive science kits. Our virtual science lab Si realities uses augmented reality as the base technology, Augmented reality is a technology that overlays digital content on a real environment or a coded image. In most cases augmented reality can either be markerless or marker-based, A markerless AR scans the environment of the user along and overlays a digital 2D or 3D content in front of the user while the Marker-based AR works different, it requires a marker or image or a QR code. Due to our target audience, we realised the majority of the target audience don’t have features that could provide markerless ar experience so we created SICU to provide augmented reality experience to them. SICU activates our virtual science lab to overlay digital science apparatus in front of the learners. You can now download our designs and make your own cube, remix it, share it with others and just give us a credit for the work. We believe making SICU available and free to be downloaded, it will allow a child(future scientists) from Botshabelo, Gugululethu, Hohoe,¬† Runda, Naledi, Kasulu, Bothathe to explore her curiosity and explore anywhere and anytime.


Teachers, Parents, Students, Lectures feel free to download SICU  and start experimenting.

SICUpaper design



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